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The Daniel McIntyre/St. Matthews Community Association’s vision of community safety is to provide and create programming that invests in the future of our neighbourhood. By encouraging all residents to get involved in safety and community centred events, from youth to seniors, education, and information sharing, we build a friendlier, safer and healthier community in a sustainable way.


Building and improving DMSMCA’s relationships with other service providing agencies in the area has been a top priority. We have been able to form partnerships and work collaboratively with the Spence Neighbourhood Association, West Broadway Development Corp, Sage House, Greenway School, Winnipeg Police Service, Block Parents, and Canadian Centre for Child Protection, Central Neighbourhoods Development Corp, Safe Communities Winnipeg, West Central Women’s Resource Centre, John M King School, the West End Biz. Sunshine House, Street Connections and Klinic.

The DMSMCA Safety Network also includes area residents who are interested in making their neighbourhood a safer place. We are actively working within the neighbourhood, establishing a network of residents who participate in the Safety Committee, planning safety events, audits, barbeques and participate in our safety consultation process.  As community building, safety and wellbeing affects all, we try to maintain an inclusive and tolerant approach to ensure that everyone has their voice heard.


The Daniel McIntyre/St. Matthews Community Association’s vision of community safety is to provide and create programming that invests in the future of our neighbourhood and to provide resources and support to community members looking for resolution to their safety related concerns. By encouraging all residents to get involved in safety and youth centered community events and information sharing we build a friendlier, safer and healthier community in a sustainable way.

In 2015, DMSMCA undertook a community building, safety and wellbeing consultation process, which included block meetings and one-on-one conversations with community members, to find out the key areas of safety concern for residents of the Daniel McIntyre/St. Matthews neighbourhood. From this, we developed a three-year Safety Plan addressing the program areas identified by residents. Click on the link below to read the plan.


Community Safety BBQs are an opportunity for the DMSMCA Community Building, Safety and Wellbeing Coordinator to meet with residents of Daniel McIntyre and St. Matthews to discuss safety issues and resources available. It is also a chance for neighbours to meet one another and build strong ties.

Hosting a Community Safety BBQ is fun, easy, and free! All a host needs to do is provide access to your front yard and distribute invitation handbills to the neighbours on your block. The DMSMCA Community Building and Wellbeing Coordinator will bring all the food and safety resource material. Invitations, handbills, and posters will also be provided. Everything for the BBQ is provided to the host and community FREE OF CHARGE!

To host a Safety BBQ and treat your neighbours to safety information a hotdog in your front yard, contact Daniel McIntyre/St. Matthews Community Association Community Programs Coordinator. The coordinator can be reached Tuesday - Friday at 204-774-7005 or safety[at]


Safety audits and walk abouts provide a way for community members to have input and voice their concerns about the safety issues in the neighbourhood. The audits are performed with the cooperation of Winnipeg Police Service and led the DMSMCA Safety Coordinator.

Bulky/hazardous waste audits are routinely carried out by the West End Biz, who then shares this information with community associations, to ensure this waste and safety issues are found and addressed.

If you feel your street needs a safety audit and are willing to help, please contact the Community Programs coordinator to arrange one.

The Community Programs coordinator does safety walk abouts with different community members and the staff at DMSMCA.  They select a section of the neighbourhood to walk, to identify safety concerns, which can be anything from bulky waste, graffiti, unsafe sidewalks, burned out street lights or a problem property. The concerns are documented and an action plan for addressing the issues is created.

Safety audits also provide a forum to get your community safety questions answered and to be proactive about getting involved in your neighbourhood.

For more information or to organize an audit in your area feel free to contact us.


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Get Involved in community events! Are you interested in creating a safer community? Do you want to get to know your neighbours and contribute to our neighbourhood? Volunteer for the Community Safety Committee!

 Participating in Neighbourhood Watch and/ or becoming a Block Parent or West End Biz Patrol volunteer.

  • Support the dissemination of safety and neighbourhood upkeep related information with support from DMSMCA.

  • Communicate with your neighbours about DMSMCA updates.

  • Host a Safety BBQ (sponsored by DMSMCA) with your neighbours.

  • Monitor and report issues including graffiti, damaged public property like lighting, and garbage pickup in the back lanes. To 311

  • Keep in regular contact with DMSMCA Safety Coordinator about how things are going on your block

  • Keep in contact and on positive terms with neighbours on your block.

If any of these points interest you, please call the Community Programs coordinator or simply come by the office and say hello!


Here at DMSMCA, we appreciate the vibrancy and diversity of our community and we strive to support all people who live, work or play in the neighbourhood.

In response to safety concerns expressed by community members and partner agencies in the community, we have opened up a drop-in for those who identify as working in the sex trade, experiential folks, victims or survivors or sexual exploitation or victims/survivors or human trafficking.  We provide a safe space for a few hours a week to access support and/or harm reduction supplies.   The drop-in is open to ALL GENDERS, ALL AGES, ALL NATIONS.  If you or someone you know needs more information on this, please call the Community Programs Coordinator 204-774-7005 or stop by the office.

  • To report an emergency, please call 911.

  • To report a crime in progress call 911.

  • To report a general crime more info needed, call the Winnipeg Police Non-Emergency Number at 204-986-6222

  • If you wish to submit an anonymous tip about a crime for which you are not a victim, call Crime Stoppers at 204-786-8477 or visit the website -

If you have concerns about safety related issues going on in the neighbourhood please feel free to get in contact with the Community Programs Coordinator. The coordinator can be reached Tuesday -Friday at 204-774-7005 or by email: safety[at]

If you wish to become a Block Parent or would like more information on this program, you can visit their website:

If you think a property or residence in a neighbourhood appears to be housing ongoing criminal activity, you should report this information to Manitoba Justice Public Safety Investigations under the Safer Neighbourhoods and Communities Act. This Act is the first of its kind in Canada. It works by holding property owners accountable for threatening or disturbing activities that regularly take place on their property related to:

  • Unlawful drug use, dealing, production or cultivation

  • [Chronic] Prostitution and related activities

  • Unlawful sale of liquor

  • Unlawful use or sale of intoxicating substances - non-potable and solvent-based products

  • Sexual abuse or exploitation of a child or related activities

  • Possession or storage of an unlawful firearm, weapon or explosive

The Act refers to activities that are ongoing, not those happening occasionally.

For more information or to report a concern, contact:

Manitoba Justice
Public Safety Investigations
Phone (Winnipeg) (204) 945-3475
(Toll Free outside Winnipeg) 1-800-954-9361 or

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