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Hey there,


your love for plants can now contribute to a good cause

'Adopt a Plant' is a DMSMCA initiative in partnership with the local shop Flowers In Bloom.

We wanted to combine something fun...                                                    

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adopting a plant

with a good cause...

making a donation


bring a bit more color and happiness to you and all our community members in these trying times

and, of course

how to adopt

Fill out the 'Plant Adoption Form' on this page and choose the new addition to your family - or if you like to be surprised, let it choose you!

During your pre-order, you get to choose everything - from plant variety to pick-up date and time.


Your newly adopted plant will be waiting for you at the Flowers In Bloom shop.

The adoption fee can be paid online - half goes to Flowers in Bloom and the other half is donated to the DMSMCA community initiatives that help improve the wellbeing of our neighbors!

You can start adopting plants as soon as today!

Pre-orders happen bi-weekly, and run until supplies last within that period. There is a limited number of plants per each period - they will be sold out, so go get your plants adopted asap!

plant dad, instead!

when to adopt

Not a plant person?

You can still donate + make a difference in someone's day by gifting them a plant, or perhaps a flower. It can be a wonderful person you already know, or a wonderful senior WE know!

Read more about Flowers for Seniors here.

ready to adopt & make a positive impact?

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